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Aquafog 3300

$125.00 each
two-day price
City Theatrical

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True, low-lying dry ice fog.  This water-based system is portable and durable, allowing you to create large amounts of billowing fog.  The large lid lifts for easy loading of the stainless steel ice shelf.  A powerful stainless steel pump brings heated water from the tank up to the dry ice.  A 6" fan pressurizes the tank and sends the fog out to the stage.

Aquafog conveniently plugs into wall outlets, no need for 220 volts.  Circuit breakers control the dual 1650 watt heating elements, fan and pump.  A low water level cutout switch assures that the heaters will not operate if the water is low.  The sophisticated adjustable water temperature circuit will bring the temperature from a range of 100 through 160 degrees (F) and will maintain temperature all through your long rehearsals.

  • Warm-up time: about 2 hours (from cold water)
  • Reservoir: 28 gallons (holds up to 75 lbs. of Dry Ice, which must be acquired separately)
  • Heater Wattage: 1650w (each, two total)
  • Water temperature control
  • Approximately 15 minutes of fog run time (varies wildly based on usage)
  • Integral casters
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