Rosco 76552 - Winner

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Rosco patterns are available in several formats to meet a range of uses:

  • Metal Most common option, cut from 8 mil steel.
  • Cool Ink LED-only, printed on plastic.
  • Cool Ink HD LED-only, printed on glass.
  • B&W Glass Dichroic coated glass.

Gobos are like stencils for profile (ERS-style) lighting fixtures, allowing light to shine through certain areas and project a pattern.  The color of the projected image can be changed by adding a sheet of lighting gel, or by changing colors on most LED fixtures.  By adding a donut (color frame with smaller hole) you can increase the contrast and clarity of the projected image.  Full-size Source Four fixtures also offer EDLT and XDLT lens tube options designed for the highest quality gobo projection.

The size of a projected gobo image depends on the beam angle of your fixture, a larger beam angle will increase the gobo size diameter, however the resulting image will appear dimmer (with same fixture, since the light is spread over a larger area).  Gobos come in many different sizes for a range of fixtures, the table below gives a summary of the most common sizes that we list online.  Not sure what size to order?  Just make a note of your fixture make/model and we'll make sure the gobo gets sized correctly².

  • ² Not all patterns can be made in steel sizes under 86mm (B size).  This is usually due to intricate/detailed artwork, but certain fixtures also require the use of glass gobos.
Gobo Sizes
Letter CodeOD (Outer Diameter)IA (Image Area)Notes
A size100mm75mmFits most full-size profile style fixtures
B size86mm64.5mmIndustry-standard size, fits most full-size profile style fixtures
M size66mm48mmUsed in "Jr" profile style fixtures
E size*37.5mm28mmFits "Mini" profile style fixtures
Custom*(varies)(varies)Sized for your fixture, make a note of your fixture make/model
  • * E/Custom Sizes – Please make a note of your fixture make and model to ensure correct sizing for your application.
Suggested ItemsPattern Holder, Donut
LED Plastic
LED Glass
Black & White Glass
Gobo CategorySymbols & Signs
Gobos - Symbols & SignsSigns
Suggested ItemsPattern Holder, Donut
Model #R-76552
Part #25076552xxxx
Our SKU13-76552
Box L x W x H0.03" x 4.2" x 4.55"
  • 8.99
  • 2016
  • Apr. 12th, 2018
Rosco's latest gobo catalog in print/PDF format, created in 2016.
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