SBC240 Networked Dual Docking Charger for SB910/SB920

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The SBC240 networked docking charger provides a compact charging and storage solution for any combination of 2 SB910/SB920 batteries or ADX1, ADX2, or ADX2FD transmitters using Shure rechargeable batteries.  The charger is network-enabled to allow for remote monitoring of charger and battery parameters using Shure Wireless Workbench software.  Connect up to 4 SBC240 chargers together to share power and network connectivity.

  • Charges up to two SB910/SB920 batteries in or out of transmitters
  • Multiple SBC220 and SBC240 stations can dock together, up to four can share a single power supply
  • Charge status bi-color LEDs for each battery / transmitter
  • Storage mode to prepare batteries for long-term storage
  • Network-enabled for remote monitoring with Shure Wireless Workbench
  • Supplies full charges in three hours, 50% charge in one hour
  • Works with:
    • SB910 and SB920 Battery
    • Axient Digital ADX1, ADX2, and ADX2FD Transmitters
IncludesAllen Wrench, Screws for attaching units
Case Quantity4 / box
IncludesAllen Wrench, Screws for attaching units
Case Quantity4 / box
Box L x W x H12.75" x 9.5" x 3.25"
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