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The SmartPower family of power supplies features dependable current and voltage output.  A variety of wattages is available to fit your application space and system requirements.  Compatible with the majority of color scrollers, gobo rotators and other accessory devices.  SmartPower units are proudly built in the USA and tested against strict standards to ensure trouble-free installation and smooth operation.  SmartPower offers affordable, versatile, dependable power to meet your needs.

  • 75 watts of 24VDC power
  • 5-pin DMX Input
  • 4-pin Power+Data output
  • Self-healing circuit protection
  • User accessible fuse on back panel, includes spare fuse
  • Overload protection shuts individual circuit off if cable short or load fault occurs
  • Automatic output recovery when cable short or load fault is removed
  • Do not plug into dimmers, use constant power or relays.

Compatible Equipment

  • AC Lighting Chroma Q Broadway 22 watts
  • AC Lighting Chroma Q M1, 2, 5, 8 36 watts
  • Apollo EZ Iris 14.5 watts
  • Apollo MXR 2 Scroller 43 watts
  • Apollo Smart Color Pro Scroller 26 watts
  • Apollo Smart Move DMX Scroller 14.5 watts
  • Apollo Smart Move JR. DMX Scroller 14.5 watts
  • City Theatrical DMX Iris 8.5 watts
  • DHA Twin DMX 12 watts
  • Gam DMX Twin Spin 14.4 watts
  • Gam SX-4, 6 Gobo Tray 10.8 watts
  • Rainbow 6", 8", 12" Pro Colour Scroller 14 watts
  • Rainbow 15" Pro Colour Scroller 29 watts
  • Rosco I-Cue Mirror 17 watts
  • Rosco DMX Rotator 6 watts
  • Wybron Forerunner 14 watts
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