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One of the most common problems on stage is how to quickly brake and then release rolling scenery.  This Wagon Brake provides secure holding power, as well as fast, quiet releasing without the need for drilling holes in the stage floor.  Mounted to the side of a platform or scenery, this brake is designed to provide friction on demand, helping to prevent the wagon from shifting under movement.   A unique lever action pushes down a plunger, lifting even very heavy pieces with only minimal force required from a stagehand.  A minimum of two brakes per unit are recommended.

  • Both versions include a rubber foot spindle
  • Regular Version = 300 lb. limit, Red/Silver Finish
  • Heavy Duty = 800 lb. limit, Black Red/Silver Finish
  • Not intended to raise a platform/wagon off the floor, which will likely cause product damage.  Instead keep platform weight on casters and use these to help prevent movement.
  • Instead of buying turn-key spindles, considering making your own with a large surface area (and thus more force required to move it).  If you're able to make holes in your floor, Stage Screws or "cane bolts" are another option.
IncludesRubber Tip Extension Spindle
IncludesRubber Tip Extension Spindle
ManufacturerTheatrical Hardware
Box L x W x H3.2" x 2.25" x 6.88"
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