Yagi Long Range Antenna for Wireless DMX

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City Theatrical
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The 11 dBi Yagi Antenna, 900MHz/2.4GHz, Dual Band is a highly directional antenna, with a 35° beam width.  Yagi antennas focus most of their energy forward producing a highly directional, narrow beam.  It is a good choice for very long range broadcasts to fixed targets.  These antennas can be used for indoor or outdoor projects.  The Yagi Antenna comes with a mounting bracket and an attached 6" lead with a Female N-Connector.

  • Optional Upgrade for:
    • SHoW Baby (all versions, requires Indoor Adapter Cable)
    • Multiverse Node (requires Indoor Adapter Cable)
    • Multiverse Studio (requires Indoor Adapter Cable)
    • Multiverse Transmitter (requires Indoor Adapter Cable)
    • Multiverse Vero (requires Outdoor Adapter Cable)
    • Multiverse Receiver Card (requires Antenna Cable and Indoor Adapter Cable)
  • Directional with ~35° beam spread
  • 902-928 MHz¹ 11 dBi
  • 2.4-2.48 GHz 11 dBi
  • N-Connector Female plug
  • IP63 - outdoor use
  • When using high gain antennas, be certain that the EIRP of your system is within permissible limits of your local regulatory body.  If you have specific application questions, please contact City Theatrical's engineering department for guidance.
  • ¹ 900MHz radio only licensed for use in the USA
ManufacturerCity Theatrical
Model #5982
Our SKUCIT-5982
Box L x W x H16.1" x 8.3" x 2.6"
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