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Congo Kid 256 Channel Upgrade

$710.00 each
  • Discontinued in April 2018.  While Cobalt hardware is no longer available, ETC will continue to develop the software for at least the next 5 years.
    Need service for your existing hardware?  Send us an email!

Ready to unleash more power from your Congo Kid?  This will upgrade a Congo Kid 256 to a Congo Kid 512 console, which gives you a total of 512 fixture channels.  Please note that this upgrade does not increase the number of DMX addresses, which is fixed at two universes (1,024 channels).

  • Console Serial Number Look on the right side (near the back) of the console for a white sticker
  • Current Software Version Displayed in the lower left corner of screen 1 (please use full number, i.e. v7.3.1).
  • See this ETC page for instructions on how to perform the upgrade.
  • Congo Kid systems are limited to 512 channels and 1,024 outputs (2 DMX universes).  For more channels or outputs consider a Cobalt or Congo Jr system.
Part #4340A1016
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