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CRMX Nova Wireless DMX

$517.50 each

With groundbreaking patented Cognitive Coexistence technology, LumenRadio's CRMX for wireless DMX has become the de-facto wireless lighting control standard across the globe.  LumenRadio Wireless DMX products offers unprecedented reliability and will give you the trust you need to control your fixtures wirelessly.  Running on the unlicensed 2.4 GHz frequency, Nova CRMX products can be used anywhere in the world.

Based on LumenRadio's advanced CRMX technology, the CRMX Nova Series brings you all the advanced features such as Automated Cognitive Coexistence, DMX fidelity, lowest latency in the industry at 5ms, 128 bit encryption and much more.  Multiple CRMX Nova units can be combined to transmit several DMX universes, allowing easy system expansion.  CRMX Nova is compatible with all other CRMX products, both indoor and outdoor, DMX and RDM*.

  • Wirelessly broadcast and receive a full Universe (512 channels) of DMX
  • Robust wireless DMX512 and RDM data transmission
  • Extremely low 5mS latency
  • Full DMX fidelity and frame integrity
  • Error correction and packet recovery
  • Tested range of ~3200'  (line-of-sight, standard antennas)
  • With proper planning and WiFi spectrum availability, up to 60 universes can be used!
  • Optional RDM proxy and responder functions
  • RJ45 Ethernet for sACN, Pathport, ArtNet, KiNet, ShowNet, and ETCNet  (certain models only)
  • * RDM functionality requires an RDM transmitter and receiver.  Non-RDM components will still work with standard DMX512, just without the added RDM data.
IncludesAC power cord, DC power connector, 2 dBi RP-TNC antenna
IncludesAC power cord, DC power connector, 2 dBi RP-TNC antenna
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  • May. 17th, 2018
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