Diffuser Kit for Desire D40XTI

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These lenses are designed for the Selador Desire D40XTI fixture.  Features a cosine light distribution for blending purposes.  Available in a range of styles.

  • Highly efficient, low light loss
  • Desire Diffusers create different beam angles depending on the type of fixture used
  • In outdoor/wet environments, an optional clean glass lens is highly recommended to protect the diffuser from the elements
  • Not for use with Selador Desire D40 or D40XT fixtures.  Only for Desire D40XTI.
IncludesLens Only
Suggested ItemsClean Glass Lens (if outdoors)
IncludesLens Only
Suggested ItemsClean Glass Lens (if outdoors)
Box L x W x H9.1" x 8.3" x 0.4"
  • 146.50
  • B, 04-2018
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
Specific to ColorSource PAR and D40 fixtures, but can also be used as a guide to choosing lenses for D22 and D60 fixtures.  Shows beam angles compared to Source 4 PAR with a variety of lenses.
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