DMX/RDM Repeater Pro

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Pathway Connectivity
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An increasingly important part of DMX data distribution systems, the Repeater Pro's support for RDM (Remote Device Management) allows the Repeater Pro to act as an RDM Controller, or a bidirectional RDM splitter.  In venues where a console is moved frequently, Hub Mode allows the Repeater Pro to sense which port is receiving DMX, the automatically route the signal to the remaining ports — eliminating the need for patch bays.  The Repeater Pro also allows for easy prioritization between two consoles, or HTP-merge two sources with one source able to roam — ideal for incorporating remote focus units.

  • 1 input and 8 outputs
  • Multiple connector options
  • E1.20 RDM and E1.11 DMX512A compliant
  • Three modes: RDM, Merge, and Hub
  • RDM discovery and end device management from the front panel
  • RDM can be disabled on a port-by-port basis to accommodate older equipment
  • Merge two controllers without any additional gear
  • DMX output speed and signal loss behavior are user-selectable, including hold forever
  • Silent operation
IncludesRackmount Ears, Power Cable
IncludesRackmount Ears, Power Cable
ManufacturerPathway Connectivity
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Box L x W x H6" x 17" x 1.75"
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