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Dry Icer Fogger

$1,350.00 each
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The Dry Icer is a new and improved professional, cost effective solution for creating spectacular low-lying fog effects.  This sleek new design has a 20 pound dry ice capacity which is placed in a stainless steel basket.  Other new features are Low Water Shut Off Indicator, 4" Hose Adapter and Heavy Duty Latches on the lid.  The low-lying fog output is controlled by lowering the Stainless Steel Basket with the 3 Step Pivoting Ratchet System.  This will allow the basket to ease into the boiling water to create continuous low-lying fog for approximately 5 minutes.

  • Warm-up time:  about 1 hour  (from cold water)
  • Reservoir:  5 gallons  (holds up to 20 lbs.  of Dry Ice)
  • Heater Wattage:  1400w
  • Continuous Output:  No
  • Can produce anything from a small stream of dry ice fog to a billowing cloud of fog
  • Approximately 5 minutes of fog run time  (varies wildly based on usage)
Part #CLF-1810
Our SKU70-0170
Box L x W x H21.75" x 20.13" x 20.25"
  • 36.44
  • Mar. 29th, 2018
Frequently asked questions about dry ice and the type of fog it creates.  Dry ice is not recommended for small/enclosed spaces.
  • 84.41
  • Mar. 29th, 2018
Important safety notes on the use of dry ice, and the dangers involved (dry ice is the solid form of CO2).
  • 52.96
  • Mar. 29th, 2018
Specific to Praxair's Dry Ice/UltraIce brand (>99% CO2)
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