E6 Flex Earset

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The E6 Flex Earset combines the best of the classic E6 Earset with the best of the E6i.  The slim, springy ear section grips securely like an E6 classic, while the flexible front boom takes abuse like the E6i and allows precise placement and easy reshaping.  It weighs less than one-tenth ounce, virtually disappears against the skin, and custom fits so performers forget they're even wearing a mic.  Four colors allow you to match the E6 to your skin tone for minimum visibility.

Available as a water- and wind-resistant omnidirectional microphone or as a pattern-changeable directional microphone for maximum isolation and gain before feedback.

  • Connector Options:
    • AT - Audio Technica For use with 200, 1100, 2000, 3000 Series
    • AN - Audio Technica For use with 700, 4000, 5000 Series
    • SR - Sennheiser For use with Evolution (100/300/500) Series
    • SL - Shure For use with most Shure beltpacks, including AXT100+
    • AX - Shure Axient For use with Shure Axient AX100 only
  • Rugged, bendable boom section assures a custom fit for every wearer while the ear section provides secure grip
  • User-friendly for new and experienced users alike
  • Smallest, lightest, most comfortable mic of its kind - only 1/10th ounce!
  • Reduces feedback in meeting rooms or houses of worship an average of 12dB compared to an omni lavalier
Classic E6Best when used by a single person — Once adjusted for fit, it will continually hold this shape
E6iPerfect for many different speakers — The soft, durable boom is designed to be flexed repeatedly
E6 FlexGreat for when a few people will be sharing — The ear-loop will hold it's shape, while the soft boom can be flexed like the E6i
IncludesDetachable Cable, Carrying Case, Windscreen, Protective Caps, Black & White Single Tie Clips
Form FactorHeadworn
IncludesDetachable Cable, Carrying Case, Windscreen, Protective Caps, Black & White Single Tie Clips
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