Fantasy FX Haze in a Can

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Fantasy FX is a good solution for a portable and inexpensive way to offer fog, haze, or steam effects without the equipment normally needed to produce these effects.  Also known as Smoke in a Can, Fantasy FX safely adds a dreamy or eerie atmosphere to a room.  The haze will make light beams or laser beams come alive.  Used in movies, parties, and laser light shows.

Each can contains 5 minutes of continuous spray.  Spray away from people, furniture, curtains, and food.  Any overspray will easily wipe off with a soapy cloth (caution: may cause slippery surface).  To remove fog from room, simply ventilate – open doors and windows.   Available in regular (horizontal spray) and hands-free (lock-down vertical spray).

  • Comes in two cap types:
    • Horizontal spray, press and hold trigger to activate
    • Vertical spray, can be locked into position for hands-free use (and un-locked if needed)
  • Different versions contain same product, just different labels and instructions for the intended audience
  • Haze Effect Spray for 15-20 seconds to highlight light beams
  • Fog Effect Spray 1-2 minutes and light from the front for densest fog
  • 5 continuous minutes of haze
  • Fill a 15' x 15' room up to 15 times
  • Safe and economical way of creating small fog-like effects
  • Will not harm most surfaces or equipment
  • Product composition meets EPA standards and is both odorless and non-irritating
  • Please note that due to shipping restrictions this product can only be shipped via ground, all other options will not be available during checkout.
IncludesBlack Cap
IncludesBlack Cap
Box L x W x H2.75" x 2.75" x 9.5"
  • 564.79
  • 03-2021
  • Apr. 16th, 2021
Report on whether the use of artificial fog impacts suspension time of aerosols (like ones that may carry COVID-19).  In short, fog has a negligible effect and does not appear to increase or decrease the risk of airborne transmission.
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