Hardware Upgrade for HedgeHog 4 Console

$2,270.00 each
High End Systems

Did you know there are three generations of HedgeHog 4 consoles?  Newer consoles have video and sound connectors on the back, while Generation 1 consoles lack the video/sound connectors and have the USB ports located above the 5-pin DMX ports.

This service will upgrade your Generation 2 HedgeHog 4 console to a Generation 3 HedgeHog 4 console.

  • Console Serial Number Look on the back of the console for a white sticker
  • HedgeHog 4X Features:
    • Adds 2 more universes with no co-processing  (6 universes total, output via ethernet)
    • Adds external touchscreen monitor support  (pre-existing for 4S)
    • Adds HogNet support, for console-console networking and adding additional universes via USB Super Duper Widgets  (pre-existing for 4N)
  • Requires shipping console back to HES, typically takes 3-4 weeks*
  • Loaner consoles may be available, but are on a first-come, first-served basis and not guaranteed.
  • Requires shipping to HES' factory in Texas (not included)
  • For Generation 2 consoles only, see images for back-panel.
  • * Assuming you still have the original packaging, or a safe way to ship the console.  Replacement packaging is available, but typically takes a week to arrive after an order is placed.
ManufacturerHigh End Systems
Part #6102A0424X
Our SKUHES-6102A0424X
  • 354.55
  • 01-2015
  • May. 17th, 2018
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