Software Upgrade for HedgeHog 4/4N/4S To HH4X

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High End Systems
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Ready to unleash more power from your HedgeHog 4?   This will upgrade a Generation 2 HedgeHog 4/4N/4S to a HedgeHog 4X console, which gives you a number of new features depending on which version you're coming from.

  • Console Serial Number Look on the back of the console for a white sticker
  • Upgrade Code Unique code for your console (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx).  Can be found by going to Diagnostics tab in the Control Panel, then click the Console Upgrade button and following the steps.  After getting the Upgrade Code, you can cancel the upgrade process until you receive a validation code.
  • Adds 2 more universes with no co-processing  (6 universes total, output via ethernet)
  • Adds external touchscreen monitor support  (pre-existing for 4S)
  • Adds HogNet support, for console-console networking and adding additional universes via USB Super Duper Widgets  (pre-existing for 4N)
  • See Docs tab for instructions on how to perform the upgrade.
  • For Generation 2 consoles only.  Generation 1 consoles no longer have an upgrade path.
  • Does not upgrade to a Generation 3 console, which requires a hardware upgrade (see below).
ManufacturerHigh End Systems
Part #61040011
Our SKUHES-61040011
  • 354.55
  • 01-2015
  • May. 17th, 2018
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