Aircraft Cable

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Aircraft cable is a metal cable normally used for rigging purposes in theater.  To make a complete cable you will also need a thimble at each end and either Nicopress sleeves or Wire Rope Clips to secure the cable.  We generally only use 3/16" and larger cables in installations but keep smaller sizes in stock for various light duty customer applications.  While we call this Aircraft Cable, it's also known as Wire Rope.

  • 1/16" Cable 7x7 Construction, IWRC (independent wire rope core)
  • All Other Sizes 7x19 Construction, IWRC (independent wire rope core)
  • WARNINGRigging requires a thorough knowledge of loading dynamics & design factors.  Improper installation or misapplication of a single product can lead to structural failure, bodily injury, or even death.
    When planning a rigging project, we strongly recommend that purchasers use an experienced ETCP rigging technician, and/or personnel meeting the OSHA "competent person" standard.
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