Barn Door (ETC)

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This sturdy barn door is designed for the ETC fixtures below, and should work on other fixtures* which use the same media frame size.  Slides into the accessory holder on the front of the fixture.

Barn doors alter the shape of light output from your lights by trimming them with soft edges, unlike the hard-edge of a focused ellipsoidal.  While commonly used with tungsten lights, barn doors became less common with the rise of LEDs since many fixtures lacked a fully homogenized beam, which results in color shifts when shaping beam edges.

  • 5.55" Fixtures
    • ColorSource PAR jr *
    • Selador Desire D22 *
  • 7.5" Fixtures
    • ColorSource PAR *
    • ColorSource Fresnel
    • Desire Fresnel
    • fos/4 7" Fresnel
    • Selador Desire D40 * / D40XT * (except XTI)
    • Source 4WRD PAR(nel) *
    • Source Four PAR(nel)
    • Source Four Fresnel
    • Source Four LED Fresnel Adapter
  • 8.875" Fixtures
    • Selador Desire D60 * (except X / XTI)
  • 10" Fixtures
    • fos/4 10" Fresnel
  • * Color may shift when beam shaping LED Fixtures without a homogenized beam.  This is due to the many source of light, especially on fixtures without in-lens color mixing.
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