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Source Four PAR

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Source Four PARs stand out of the luminaire crowd with their rugged die-cast aluminum construction and acclaimed Source Four optical technology.  Superior brightness and energy savings.  Source Four PARs deliver a smooth even field, and at 575 watts are comparable to 1000 watt PAR64s - while saving 40% on energy.

Source Four PAR comes with a single medium flood (MFL) snap-in lens that mount in a cool, rotating ring. Four optional lenses offer smaller and wider beam widths.  That also means no more reaching into a hot can with cracked porcelain sockets.  And when you need a new lamp, just use your stock of Source Four HPLs (no need to carry a large inventory of expensive PAR64 lamps).  The Source Four PAR's compact design means more units can be mounted on a pipe or fit into a truck.  Combined with reductions in power and cable requirements, Source Four PARs are perfect for touring.

  • Rated up to 750 watts¹
  • Super-efficient HPL lamp
  • Faceted dichroic reflector² removes 90% of IR heat from beam
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Supports Dimmer Doubling
  • 36" Bare-end Leads (connector not included)
  • ¹ MCM version only rated to 575 watts
  • ² MCM version uses cold mirror coating to remove even more heat
Includes7.5" Color Frame, Set of Four Lenses (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL), 3' Bare End Leads
Suggested ItemsHPL Lamp, Connector, C-Clamp, Safety Cable, Additional Lenses (VNSP, NSP, WFL, XWFL)
Light SourceTungsten
Fixture ControlMains Dimmable
WiringBare Ends
Fixture TypeSoft-edged Wash
ApplicationStage - Portable
Includes7.5" Color Frame, Set of Four Lenses (VNSP, NSP, MFL, WFL), 3' Bare End Leads
Suggested ItemsHPL Lamp, Connector, C-Clamp, Safety Cable, Additional Lenses (VNSP, NSP, WFL, XWFL)
Box L x W x H16" x 11" x 11"
  • 1.05
  • B, 12-2010
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
  • 1.14
  • C, 12-2010
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
  • 944.02
  • B, 06-2008
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
  • 879.62
  • A, 09-2007
  • Apr. 9th, 2018
  • 16.10
  • 03-2010
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
  • 16.21
  • 03-2010
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
  • 84.57
  • 06-2014
  • Apr. 5th, 2018
Front view of product, for use in your drawings.
  • 133.84
  • 06-2014
  • Apr. 5th, 2018
Top view of product, for use in your drawings.
  • 530.87
  • 11-2016
  • Apr. 5th, 2018
Standard drawing of product, for use with project submittals.
Standard drawing of products, for use with project submittals.
  • 2.13
  • 10-2011
  • Apr. 5th, 2018
Multiple views of product, no dimensions or specifications for submittals.
  • 688.34
  • 07-2012
  • Apr. 5th, 2018
  • 983.09
  • 01-2007
  • Apr. 13th, 2018
Dozens of individual .IES files using a variety of lamp and fixture options.  Covers PAR EA, PARNel, and full-size Source Four ERS (all lens options).
  • 44.59
  • 01-2013
  • Apr. 5th, 2018
White paper on amount of heat (BTUs) that tungsten HPL Source Four fixtures emit.  For general reference use only, site conditions will affect measurements.
  • 11.13
  • G, 09-2018
  • Mar. 12th, 2020
Covers ETC's fixture lineup, including both traditional tungsten and new LED fixtures.
  • 1,022.37
  • 06-2017
  • Apr. 3rd, 2018
Top view of most ETC lighting fixtures, for use in your drawings.
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