Egg Crate Louver (ETC)

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Performs the same function as a top hat, but in less vertical space.  A grid of intersecting lines helps block light from areas the fixture is not aimed at.  Designed for the ETC fixtures below, and should work on other fixtures* which use the same media frame size.  Use with caution on LED fixtures without a fully homogenized beam, color shifts may occur.

  • 5.5" Fixtures
    • ColorSource PAR jr *
    • Selador Desire D22 *
  • 7.5" Fixtures
    • ColorSource PAR *
    • ColorSource Fresnel
    • Desire Fresnel
    • fos/4 Fresnel
    • Selador Desire D40 * / D40XT * (except XTI)
    • Source 4WRD PAR(nel) *
    • Source Four PAR(nel)
    • Source Four Fresnel
    • Source Four LED Fresnel Adapter
  • 9" Fixtures
    • Selador Desire D60 * (except X / XTI)
  • * Color may shift on LED Fixtures without a homogenized beam.  This is due to the many source of light, especially on fixtures without in-lens color mixing.
  • Not for use with ellipsoidal/profile (hard edged) fixtures, will distort the beam
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