Source Four Fresnel

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ETC has combined the best of their acclaimed Source Four HPL lamp technology with the unique optics of a traditional Fresnel.  The Source Four Fresnel gives you the high-performance light output and energy savings of a Source Four and the lighting characteristics that only a Fresnel optical system can provide.  ETC has combined that classic system with a special ETC dichroic reflector design, enabling the HPL 750 watt Source Four Fresnel to equal the light output of 1000 watt Fresnel fixtures.

With the Source Four Fresnel, you get that timeless Fresnel light in a 21st-century fixture.  ETC's innovative mechanical design has simplified the focusing for you, with a full-sized zoom knob you can get a real grip on.  The fixture-housing was also engineered to eliminate light leaks and minimize spillage.

  • 20°-65° Field Angle Zoom
  • Bottom access socket means less re-focus
  • Large, zoom knob for easy beam size changing
  • Sliding yoke for balancing a variety of accessories
  • Rated up to 750 watts
  • Super-efficient HPL lamp
  • Rugged die-cast aluminum construction
  • Supports Dimmer Doubling
  • 36" Bare-end Leads (connector not included)
Includes7.5" Color Frame, 3' Bare End Leads
Suggested ItemsHPL Lamp, Connector, C-Clamp, Safety Cable
Light SourceTungsten
Fixture ControlMains Dimmable
WiringBare Ends
Fixture TypeSoft-edged Wash
ApplicationStage - Portable
Includes7.5" Color Frame, 3' Bare End Leads
Suggested ItemsHPL Lamp, Connector, C-Clamp, Safety Cable
Box L x W x H16" x 13" x 13"
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  • Apr. 4th, 2018
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Front view of product, for use in your drawings.
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Top view of product, for use in your drawings.
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Standard drawing of products, for use with project submittals.
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  • 02-2013
  • Apr. 4th, 2018
Individual .IES files using a variety of lamp and zoom options.
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  • G, 09-2018
  • Mar. 12th, 2020
Covers ETC's fixture lineup, including both traditional tungsten and new LED fixtures.
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  • 06-2017
  • Apr. 3rd, 2018
Top view of most ETC lighting fixtures, for use in your drawings.
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