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Pattern Holder for Source Four (ETC)

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Pattern holders are used with steel and glass gobos to project a design from hard-edged profile fixtures.  Metal gobos are like stencils and may require "bridges" to support internal elements.  Glass gobos are more expensive, but are printed onto a glass surface which eliminates any "bridges" and allow for high-resolution images.  Plastic pull ring protect your fingers from hot lighting fixtures.  Designed for the ETC fixtures below, unlikely to work with other fixtures.

  • Fits in pattern slot
  • Works with:
    • ColorSource Spot
    • Source Four LED
    • Source 4WRD (ERS fixture only, not PAR)
    • Full Size Source Four ERS (Tungsten/HID)
  • Not compatible with:
    • Source Four jr
    • ColorSource Spot jr
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