Roscoflamex WD - Raw Wood

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Use Roscoflamex WD to treat wood and cellulosic materials.  Plywood, board stock, sheet goods, hay, acoustical tile and other common materials can all be rendered flame retardant with Roscoflamex WD.  After the Roscoflamex WD treatment has dried fully, wood materials can be painted or stained without affecting the flame retardance.

Use Roscoflamex WD to effectively treat:

  • Plywood
  • Luan
  • Pine boards
  • Hardwood
  • Homosote
  • Hay bales
  • Masonite™
  • MDF™
  • CoverageApproximately 150-200 feet² of material per gallon
  • UsageRoscoflamex WD has been premixed and does not require any further dilution.  The method of application and the amount of Roscoflamex WD required for sufficient treatment varies with the materials in use.
  • Application
    • DippingThis is the most efficient method of impregnation.  Immerse completely for ten minutes, and hang to dry.
    • BrushingUsing a wide lay-in brush, brush the Flamex solution into the fibers of the material being treated.  Brush in the solution using a criss-crossing pattern to insure adequate absorption.  Saturate the material, allow to absorb and then reapply a second treatment.
    • SprayingIn a spray application, it is very important that an adequate amount of the Flamex be absorbed.  In calculating the amount of solution needed, remember that a substantial portion of the spray will not fall on the fabric.  Use a Hudson-type sprayer with a medium nozzle setting.  Saturate the material, allow to absorb and then reapply a second treatment.
  • Over saturating the fabric may cause it to stiffen or otherwise alter its hand.  ALWAYS treat a test sample to determine how the fabric will react and to test for effective flame retardance.
  • Certification and TestingRoscoflamex WD has been approved for use by the California and New York City Fire Marshall and has been tested according to ASTM E84 Class B.
  • StorageStore Flamex products in non-metallic containers.  When metal sprayers are used, they should be thoroughly cleaned immediately after use, including nozzles and accessories.  Avoid use of metal buckets or paint containers when possible.
  • Roscoflamex WD compares to original Roscoflamex W40.  Do not intermix old and new Flamex products.
  • DisclaimerRead carefully the instructions supplied with any Flamex product.  Rosco offers these products in good faith, but without guarantee of any type, since materials treated and methods of application are beyond the control of the manufacturer.  You should determine suitability of the Flamex product for the intended use and always test before using.
  • All technical data, recommendations and service are accurate to the best of our knowledge.  Rosco/Musson assumes no responsibility for the results obtained or damage incurred from use by the buyer in whole or in part since method of application and its use is beyond our control.
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