Si Performer Series Digital Mixing Console

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Drawing on the combined heritage of legendary Soundcraft quality and the powerful and intuitive Vi Series digital live sound mixers, the Si Performer brings unparalleled mix power and performance to small format digital live sound mixers.  Each console in the range is identical in its feature set so your only choice is how many faders and local mic amps you want.

The Si Performer Series features up to 32 local recallable mic pre amps and 8 stereo inputs along with two ViSi Connect option card slots with an additional 128x96 input/output paths, with a massive mix capacity of 64 mono inputs and a total of 80 inputs to mix.  Each input channel has dedicated processing for high pass filter, input delay, gate, compressor and parametric EQ.  Keeping you in control are 8 VCA busses, 8 mute groups, FaderGlow and colour backlit name displays on every channel so you are never lost.

All Si Performer consoles have busses and output processing to match the versatility of the inputs; the 14 aux/group mixes can be configured as 14 mono mixes or 8 mono plus 6 stereo mixes, whilst the matrix mixes can be mono or stereo as needed.  The bus and matrix mixes are complemented with four mix busses dedicated to the internal Lexicon FX processors and left, right and centre busses with options for mixing left/right + mono/centre or left/centre/right (LCR).  Each bus features a compressor, 4 band fully parametric EQ, graphic EQ and delay always available all of the time.

To complement the channel and bus processing all Si Performer consoles integrate four Stereo Lexicon FX processors based on the MX400 providing a wealth of sounds, user adjustable parameters and dedicated tap-tempo keys.  As the FX are hardware based use of all the effects even on the most demanding shows do not affect the processing in any way.  All dynamics, PEQ, and all 31 graphic EQs are available all of the time.

Si Performer 1Si Performer 2Si Performer 3
Mic Preamps162432
Line Inputs888
  • Assignable Fader Layers — Customise each of the four fader layer pages to meet your needs or add/insert faders to accommodate that additional mic that was not in the patch list!
  • 1 Control = 1 Function — With each control dedicated to a given function there is never any 'layering' of controls or navigating through screens; this allows the Si Performer controls to be labeled on the surface just as they would have been on an analogue mixer.
  • TOTEM — The One Touch Easy Mix; press a single key to mix to an AUX, FX or Matrix bus, the surface and monitoring instantly reconfigure to allow instant mixing to your chosen bus on the faders.
  • Soundcraft FaderGlow — Illuminates the fader slots according to function with clearly defined colours for FX, Stereo, Linked Mono, GEQ, POST Fade Aux, PRE Fade Aux; you'll never be lost again!
  • Up to 30 channel faders + 2 master faders
  • 4 fully customisable Fader Layers
  • Colour backlit LCD screens per fader
  • Global mode encoders
  • Up to 32 mono mic inputs, 8 line inputs
  • 80 channels to mix
  • Two option card slots for 128x96 input/output expansion, see accessories tab
  • 20 sub-group / aux busses
  • 8 Matrix busses
  • LR and C Mix busses
  • 4 FX busses
  • 4 Stereo Lexicon Effects engines
  • Freely assignable insert loops
  • 8 Mute Groups
  • 8 VCA Groups
  • Basic DMX interface and control
  • Colour touch screen interface
  • WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.  For more information go to
  • The warning above is legally required, and does not indicate any product safety violations.  This warning is to inform the consumer of their right-to-know, read more on our overview page.
IncludesPower Cable
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IncludesPower Cable
Suggested ItemsMini Stagebox, Compact Stagebox, Ethercon MADI Si Option Card
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