Stage CL - LED Control Console

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If you're running a small lighting rig in a venue, as a rental, or in a retail space, you've probably upgraded to LED lights.  Why? Because modern LEDs can produce any color without the need for filters, so you can produce fantastic combinations of colors with just a few lights.  Sounds great, but you've probably noticed that when it comes to choosing a control console most of the ones available either aren't designed to control color and intensity or are way more complicated (and expensive) than required.

Designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights the Stage CL gives you full control of your LEDs and is incredibly easy to use.  Each of the twelve channels has a Saturation encoder and a Hue encoder that you can adjust to set the color you want.  As you turn the dials, a LED on the channel shows the color you're creating.  This is so intuitive that even someone with no experience of lighting can grasp it immediately.  And of course, each channel has the traditional fader and flash button to set the intensity of the light.

  • 24 Control Channels (Fixtures) across 2 pages
  • Dedicated cuelist and controls
  • 12 faders, switchable between channels and 4 pages of scenes
  • 4.3" touchscreen
  • Single Preset operation
  • Tap synchronization of chases
  • 1 5-pin DMX output
  • RJ45 port (sACN, ArtNet)
  • 2 USB Ports
IncludesPower Supply
Lighting Console
ApplicationStage - Portable
IncludesPower Supply
Box L x W x H23" x 14" x 4.5"
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