Tough'n White Primer

$20.50 each
Sculptural Arts
  • June 2022 — Sculptural Arts has unfortunately closed for business, and this product is limited to existing stock.
  • Instead of Tough'n White Primer, consider Rosco's Tough Prime.

Sculptural Arts' Tough N White Primer is a quality water based, fast drying, primer-sealer with outstanding adhesion, designed to give scenic materials the best protection available.  It is ideal for use under water-based or oil-based top coats and on interior or exterior surfaces, both new and previously painted.

  • CoverageApproximately 400 feet² per gallon, depending on the porosity of the surface
  • CompatibilityTough N' White Primer can be used over any latex paint and can be top coated with any latex or alkyd finish paint.
  • TintingMay be tinted toward the top coat color with Artist's Choice Saturated paints or water based universal tinting colors.
  • DilutionNot recommended, but up to a half-pint of water may be added per gallon
  • Surface PreparationAll surfaces must be clean and free of oil, wax, dust, peeling paint and loose wallpaper.  If surface is extremely dirty or chalky, wash with a stiff brush and water.  Clean mildew with a solution of 3 parts water to 1 part bleach.  Check for unsound paint by cutting an "X" into the paint with a razor.  Firmly press scotch tape over the mark and yank it quickly away.  If paint releases, it is unsound and should be removed.
  • ApplicationTough N' White Primer may be applied by brush, roller, pad applicator or sprayer.  Do not apply below 50F.
  • Average Dry TimeUnder normal conditions, dry to handle in 30-40 minutes.  May be top coated in 1 hour.  Low temperatures, high humidity, poor ventilation, may increase drying time.  Use a shop or box fan to speed up drying time if needed.
  • Clean-upSoap and water
  • CAUTIONSUse adequate ventilation.  Close container after each use.  Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 50F.  Store between 40F - 100F.  Do not take internally.  Avoid breathing Spray mist.  Keep from freezing.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
  • Directions are as complete as possible, but cannot encompass all conditions, applications, techniques and/or surfaces which are beyond our control.  The user must determine the suitability of this product for his or her particular application(s) and accepts full responsibility of that determination and responsibility for any consequential damages should they arise.  The Manufacturer and Seller make no warranties expressed or implied and accept no responsibility other than replacement of product.
ManufacturerSculptural Arts
Box L x W x H4.2" x 4.2" x 4.85"
  • 246.61
  • 06-2015
  • Apr. 18th, 2018
Covers both versions of Tough'n White Primer plus the following Artist Choice colors:
  • Artist Choice - White (7722)
  • Artist Choice - Double White (7723)
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