Eos Family Console Training

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While all Eos family consoles include a built-in help function and manual, we know there's no substitute for an experienced live person who can go over the various aspects of the console and answer any questions you may have.

This package includes up to 12 hours of training (over two visits) with one of our factory-trained Eos Family experts on-site at your facility.  Training can range from basic setup and operation of the console to advanced cue list editing, RDM, Magic Sheets, Pixel Mapping, and just about any other questions you may have.

Need more time?  If you have a large number of console users or personnel with multiple skill levels, we can offer customized training to meet your needs.  Let us know what you're looking for by emailing us for a custom quote.

  • Up to 12 hours¹ of training (over 2 site visits) for your Eos Family console
  • We recommend no more than 6 hours of training in a day except for experienced (or highly technical) users
  • Training can be split up across multiple visits¹
  • Console trainer is factory-trained by ETC, with years of real-world experience
  • Customized training based on your console, venue, and experience level.  We've worked with non-profits using the ETCnomad, to major universities like Stanford and UC Berkeley.
  • On average it takes:
    • 1 hour to go over the console basics and navigation
    • 1 hour to go over patching, groups, presets, palettes, and submasters
    • 1 hour for cue lists (included advanced functions)
    • 45min-1 hour for either Magic Sheets -OR- Pixel Mapping
    • 30min-2 hours of practice time for end users is highly recommended
  • Intended for semi-local customers, up to 1-hour of travel time (per visit) is included.  Customers more than a 1-hour drive from our Santa Clara, CA location will have the additional round trip travel time either deducted from (or added on to) the total.
  • ¹ While we're happy to split training across multiple days, travel time will be deducted/added for all trips, potentially shortening your available training time (or increasing the price).  Feel free to contact us for a customized solution to meet your needs.
IncludesCheat Sheets
IncludesCheat Sheets
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