Ion Xe Control Console

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The Ion Xe is the compact workhorse of the Eos family.  Featuring the same backlit keyboard layout and full-feature software as its bigger siblings, this little desk brings professional programming power to any venue.  Ion Xe can integrate into a system with all other Eos family products, and you can transition between desks with ease.

The Ion Xe is available in either 2,048 or 12,288 outputs, and provides support for up to two external monitors.  As with any Eos family desk, you can always further expand your fader count with virtual faders or Eos Fader Wings.  Looking for more hands-on control in the same package? The Ion Xe 20 features an onboard fader bank that includes 20 pageable faders and a built-in display for fader content.

Ion Xe Console Features

  • 4 or 24 DMX universes with no co-processing
  • Dedicated motorized master playback fader pair
  • Ion Xe 20 adds 20 definable non-motorized faders, with 100 pages of control
  • Four pageable haptic encoders
  • Supports two external high resolution monitors or touchscreens
  • 4 DMX/RDM outputs
  • 2 RJ45 outputs (sACN, ETCNet2, Net3, ArtNet, and Avab UDP)
  • 5 USB Ports, plus Contact Closure connections
  • Up to three fader wings may be used

Eos Family Features

  • Show file compatibility with the entire Eos Family, from the Eos Ti down to the Element² and ETCnomad.
  • Three user-definable workspaces per monitor, each with discrete split-screen controls, frame management, and snapshots.
  • Custom-design your control interface using Magic Sheets, with topographical or abstract layouts.  Full interaction with the command line allows command instructions - from the simplest and most immediate to the most complex - accessed from a mouse or single- or multi-touch displays.
  • Configure and program a pixel-map layout, using integral or custom-designed content.
  • Client/server networking and synchronized backup using multiple consoles and/or RPUs
  • Client and Offline programming on PC³ and Mac³ via ETCnomad
  • 99 discrete online users with partitioned control
  • 16,000 Control Channels (Fixtures)⁴
  • 10,000 Cues and 999 Cue Lists
  • 200 Active Playbacks and 999 Submasters
  • 100 Fader Pages for Playbacks and Submasters
  • 1,000 each of Presets, Palettes, Groups, Effects, Snapshots, Curves, and Color Paths
  • 99,999 Macros
  • ² The Element does not support Multiple Cue Lists or more than one active playback.  Additionally the physical submasters are locked to numbers 1-60, and fader wings are not supported.
  • ³ PC requires Windows 7 or higher.  Mac is Intel only and requires OS X or higher.  The ETCnomad software is free for offline programming or "mirror mode", but requires a dongle to act as a client.
  • ⁴ The console is still limited by the number of DMX universes/outputs, thus you may not be able to use all these channels.
IncludesLittlite, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Keyboard, Dust Cover, 2x DisplayPort to DVI adapters, Power Cord
Suggested ItemsExternal Monitors, Fader Wing(s)
Lighting Console
ApplicationStage or Architectural
IncludesLittlite, Mouse, Mouse Pad, Keyboard, Dust Cover, 2x DisplayPort to DVI adapters, Power Cord
Suggested ItemsExternal Monitors, Fader Wing(s)
Model #ION XE
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