Ion Classic Windows 7 Upgrade

  • ETC discontinued this specific part number in October 2018, the Windows 7 Upgrade is the replacement.

Did you know that most Ion Classic consoles made before May 2014 are running Windows XP?  This service will upgrade your Ion console to Windows 7.  Includes a new motherboard, solid state hard drive, multi-touch monitor compatibility, and a 2-year extended warranty.

  • Requires shipping console back to ETC, typically takes 3-4 weeks*
  • Loaner consoles may be available, but are on a first-come, first-served basis and not guaranteed
  • Console Serial Number Look on the right side (near the back) of the console for a white sticker
  • Console ID What you named your console in the shell settings menu.  Can be displayed by pressing the [About] key with a clear command line.
  • Current Software Version Displayed when you press the [About] key with a clear command line (please use full number, i.e. v2.
  • Requires shipping to ETC's factory in Wisconsin (not included)
  • Hardware upgrade only.  Does not fully unlock the max output of 12 universes unless you previously purchased an upgrade.
  • Do you have universal fader wings, and do they NOT have an orange USB connector on the back?
    After this update they can't be docked directly to your console and will need a USB cable connection.  See this page, or include serial numbers for your fader wings with your request.
  • * Assuming you still have the original packaging, or a safe way to ship the console.  Replacement packaging is available, but typically takes a week to arrive after an order is placed.
Model #ION WIN7
Part #4310K1010-ION
In early 2019, XP-based consoles will stop receiving software updates and bug fixes.  Impacts the following consoles:
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