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Ion Classic Upgrade

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Ready to unleash more power from your Ion Classic console?  This upgrade will increase the number of DMX addresses your system can output to max capacity.

  • Which Upgrade To Choose?
    • 3K (6 Universes) For Windows XP consoles (made before May 2014 and no Windows 7 Upgrade)
    • 6K (12 Universes) For modern Windows 7 consoles (made after May 2014)
  • Console Serial Number Look on the right side (near the back) of the console for a white sticker
  • Console ID What you named your console in the shell settings menu.  Can be displayed by pressing the [About] key with a clear command line.
  • Current Software Version Displayed when you press the [About] key with a clear command line (please use full number, i.e. v2.
  • See this ETC page for instructions on how to perform the upgrade.
Model #ION UP
In early 2019, XP-based consoles will stop receiving software updates and bug fixes.  Impacts the following consoles:
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