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OPTI-FLECS Filters for LEDs

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OPTI-FLECS lighting control filters provide cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions to enhance the beam-quality of any LED source.  A common description of LED light is that it looks "sterile" or "flat" and that illuminated objects or people appear "sallow" or "lifeless."  This is because white LEDs often contain an overabundance of green light-energy and lack the critical parts of the spectrum that make light attractive on skin tones and architectural surfaces.  The OPTI-FLECS range of semi-rigid filters contains color filters that target specific spectral spikes and output anomalies found in LED fixtures, and several unique diffusion options for softening the oftentimes harsh, directional beam produced by LED lights.

The low-heat feature of LED lights means that gel is not an expendable anymore - it's an accessory, just like a scrim or a barn-door.  OPTI-FLECS is a semi-rigid filter that offers cinematographers, gaffers, lighting directors and photographers a durable, reusable solution for correcting the problematic color-rendering aspects of LED lighting.  The CTO's, Minus Greens and Neutral Densities are excellent tools for balancing LED lights - notably the green spike that traditional Minus Greens don't properly address.  The diffusions and tints are perfect for softening the harsh output of an LED source and for enhancing the skin tones of on-camera talent.

  • Color frame unnecessary in most instances
  • Lessen the impact of the blue and green spike commonly found in cool white LED sources
  • Especially useful in broadcast and photographics applications
  • Base Polyester (PET) laminated to acrylic
  • Gauge / Thickness 13 mil nominal
  • Compliance RoHS, REACH
  • Working Temperature Range -35°F–240°F (-37.2°C–115.6°C)
  • For low-heat LED sources only, not for high-heat (tungsten/arc) fixtures.
  • Designed for external use*, not intended for internal fixture use – where higher temperatures may be present.
  • * OPTI-FLECs should not be installaed as an internal component in direct contact or immediate proximity to LED boards or emitters.  Sufficient distance should be maintained from the surface of LED emitter(s) to prevent color migration from intense photonic energy.  Typical minimum distance is 3/4", but may vary with wavelength and power output of the specific LED.  Test for best performance.
  • 387.80
  • 06-2018
  • Oct. 11th, 2018
Statement of Proposition 65 Compliance for most Rosco Filters.
  • 380.91
  • 04-2018
  • Oct. 11th, 2018
Declaration of RoHS Compliance for most Rosco Filters.
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