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Sculpt or Coat

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Sculptural Arts
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  • June 2022 — Sculptural Arts has unfortunately closed for business, and this product is limited to existing stock.
  • Instead of Sculpt or Coat, consider Rosco's CrystalGel (dries somewhat flexible), -or- FoamCoat (dries hard).

Widely used for constructing scenery, props, costumes, armor, masks, trees, rocks, sculpture, puppet making, organic shapes, scenic painting, special effects make-up, hobby and craft items.  Sculpt or Coat creates a protective tough coating that stops breakage, keeps pieces from drying out and prevents solvent based paints & spray paints from eating away foam.  Used for both texturing (raised, tree bark, negative effects, etc.) and adhesive (mulch, glitter, etc.) effects.

  • CoverageApproximately 350 feet² per gallon, rolled thin on a smooth surface.  Coverage will vary depending on surface texture & thickness applied.  Coverage may be extended with water.
  • ColorantsSculpt or Coat is compatible with Artist's Choice Saturated Paints, acrylics, temperas, universal tints and other water based paints, dyes and dry pigments.  Save time by adding colorants into Sculpt or Coat prior to applications.  Once dry, surfaces can be spray painted, lacquered or painted with enamels.
  • ThinningSculpt or Coat may be extended with water.  Hot water works best for thinning.  However, once dried, cracking or peeling may occur if thinned too much.  We recommend full strength application for most projects.
  • SandingCreate a surface to be sanded by mixing in an aggregate such as joint compound.  Once project is dry you can smooth the surface with fine grade sandpaper.
  • FlammabilityOnce dried, it may be capable of sustaining a flame.  Use suitable fire retardant as needed.
  • Surface PreparationAll surfaces must be clean and free of oil, wax, dust, scaling paint, rust and other contaminates.
  • ApplicationTough N' White Metal Primer may be applied by brush, roller, pad applicator or sprayer.  Stir thoroughly.  Do Not Thin.  Apply at full strength for maximum sealing properties.
  • Average Dry TimeVary based on thickness: 1/8" thick can cure in 3-5 minutes, 1/4" thick can take 2-3 hours.  Thickness can be achieved faster by building up thin layers.  Faster drying times can be achieved by using shop or box fans to create an even air flow over the surface.  Thicker applications, Low Temperatures, and Humidity will extend drying time!
  • Clean-upTools should be washed immediately with warm water and soap.  Dried Sculpt or Coat can be peeled off in some cases.  DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY CLEAN CLOTHING/FABRICS.
  • CAUTIONSUse adequate ventilation.  Close container after each use.  Do not apply when surface or air temperature is below 50F.  Store between 50F - 70F.  Do not take internally.  Avoid breathing Spray mist.  Keep from freezing.  KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.
  • Because the product has many applications the manufacturer and seller make no warranties expressed or implied and accept no responsibility other than replacement of product should it prove to be defective.  The user must determine the suitability of this product for his or her particular applications, and accepts the full responsibility of that determination, and responsibility for any consequential damages should they arise.
ManufacturerSculptural Arts
Box L x W x H4.2" x 4.2" x 4.85"
  • 216.43
  • 06-2015
  • Apr. 10th, 2018
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