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e-colour+ Lighting Gel

From $3.00 sheet
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  • Which sheets are $3 ? — Based on recent sales history, we discounted certain colors which weren't selling.  If you're flexible, check out the full listing to save money! (limited to in-stock sheets/rolls only)

e-colour+ is Rosco's comprehensive system of color filters for theatre, live-events, and film and television production.  Featuring a popular European name and numbering system, e-colour+ includes a complete range of filters and materials for color correction, color effects, diffusion and reflection.  They are manufactured with the latest dye formulations and bonding technology to assure the highest levels of reliability and performance.

Popular cuts per sheet are…

  • 9 cuts per sheet for Source Four ERS (19°-50° only)
  • 6 cuts per sheet for Source Four PARs
  • 4 cuts per sheet for PAR 64s
  • 30 cuts per sheet for Mini-Strips

Popular cuts per roll are…

  • 336 cuts per roll for Source Four ERS (19°-50° only)
  • 240 cuts per roll for Source Four PARs
  • 120 cuts per roll for PAR 64s
  • 900 cuts per roll for Mini-Strips
Suggested ItemsScissors, White China Marker
Suggested ItemsScissors, White China Marker
  • 3.72
  • Apr. 11th, 2018
Comprehensive guide covering the different types of filters, how to read spectrum curves, and popular choices for a variety of lighting situations.
Case study on how one LD created dramatic split-color cyc washes using LEDs and traditional tungsten fixtures with Rosco filters.
  • 387.80
  • 06-2018
  • Oct. 11th, 2018
Statement of Proposition 65 Compliance for most Rosco Filters.
  • 380.91
  • 04-2018
  • Oct. 11th, 2018
Declaration of RoHS Compliance for most Rosco Filters.
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