ETC Constant Current Module

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  • Sept. 29th — Lead time on shipping most Dimmer Modules is estimated at 4 weeks *  once the factory is given an order (which will also secure your place in line).  The estimated lead time is longer for the following:
    • Constant Current Modules16 weeks *.
    • D20 / D20E Modules6 weeks *.
    • PhaseAdept Modules for LEDs16 weeks *.
    • R20 Modules16 weeks *.

    This longer than normal lead time is a result of the global chip shortage, and affects all manufacturers.  ETC is only getting intermittent parts shipments from their vendors, while we all hope its resolved sooner, we encourage customers to plan for extended lead times.
  • * Due to the rapidly changing situation, lead time can change within hours of an update.  Sometimes it can be extended due to supply chain issues like delayed/missing packages of critical parts.

The Constant Current Module is a dual, plug-in assembly for use in all Unison/Sensor3 Series Racks.  The Constant Current module distributes power with overcurrent protection from the dimmer rack enclosure to non-dimmed loads, typically motors, backup and emergency systems or auxiliary power distribution panels.

  • Dual 15A or 20A Circuits
  • Always on, does not respond to control signals (see the Relay Module for on/off control)
  • Works great with:
    • Motors
    • Backup and Emergency systems
    • Auxiliary power distribution panels
  • Replaceable fuse for short circuit protection and fault current coordination
  • 100,000A Short Circuit Current Rating
  • UL and cUL Listed for continuous duty at 100% of rated load
  • While this module can power LEDs and intelligent lights, we don't recommend it since your fixtures will always be on.  This will likely lead to a shortened fixture life, and more frequent service calls.
  • All available spaces in a rack must be filled to ensure proper cooling.  Use Air Flow modules to complete a rack when fewer than the maximum number of circuits are required.  For example, a 6-module rack powering 8x 20A dimmers requires 4x D20 modules and 2x Air Flow modules.
  • Unlike standard dimmer/relay modules, no hot-patching of cold loads.  Make sure to turn off the module circuit breakers before removing/inserting.
ApplicationStage or Architectural
Box L x W x H6.25" x 12" x 2"
  • 178.01
  • B, 05-2012
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
  • 543.04
  • A, 10-2008
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
  • 360.40
  • 01-2009
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
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