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ETC Constant Current Module

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The Constant Current Module is a dual, plug-in assembly for use in all Unison/Sensor3 Series Racks.  The Constant Current module distributes power with overcurrent protection from the dimmer rack enclosure to non-dimmed loads, typically motors, backup and emergency systems or auxiliary power distribution panels.

  • Dual 15A or 20A Circuits
  • Always on, does not respond to control signals (see the Relay Module for on/off control)
  • Works great with:
    • Motors
    • Backup and Emergency systems
    • Auxiliary power distribution panels
  • Replaceable fuse for short circuit protection and fault current coordination
  • 100,000A Short Circuit Current Rating
  • UL and cUL Listed for continuous duty at 100% of rated load
  • While this module can power LEDs and intelligent lights, we don't recommend it since your fixtures will always be on.  This will likely lead to a shortened fixture life, and more frequent service calls.
  • All available spaces in a rack must be filled to ensure proper cooling.  Use Air Flow modules to complete a rack when fewer than the maximum number of circuits are required.  For example, a 6-module rack powering 8x 20A dimmers requires 4x D20 modules and 2x Air Flow modules.
  • Unlike standard dimmer/relay modules, no hot-patching of cold loads.  Make sure to turn off the module circuit breakers before removing/inserting.
ApplicationStage or Architectural
Box L x W x H6.25" x 12" x 2"
  • 178.01
  • B, 05-2012
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
  • 543.04
  • A, 10-2008
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
  • 360.40
  • 01-2009
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
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