ETC Fluorescent Battery Dimmer Module

$580.00 each
  • Sept. 14th — Parts obsolescence has forced the retirement of these Fluorescent-specific modules.  Existing owners should contact ETC Tech Support who will repair and service for as long as they are able.

The Fluorescent Battery Module is a single, plug-in dimmer with an additional constant-current output for use in all Unison/Sensor3 Series Racks.  The Fluorescent Battery Module provides one circuit of forward-phase angle dimming control for 2-wire dimming ballasts and one non-dimmed power circuit for an integral emergency lighting battery pack located in remote fluorescent lighting fixtures¹.  Both circuit outputs are controlled under a single breaker for code compliance.  The patented design features high-density, modular assembly, fully-magnetic circuit breaker, and electronic low-end set controls.

  • Single 15A or 20A Dimmer for compatible 2-wire fixtures² with integral emergency battery pack¹
  • Withstand hot-patching of cold loads up to full rating
  • 100,000A Short Circuit Current Rating
  • UL and cUL Listed for continuous duty at 100% of rated load
  • All available spaces in a rack must be filled to ensure proper cooling.  Use Air Flow modules to complete a rack when fewer than the maximum number of circuits are required.  For example, a 6-module rack powering 8x 20A dimmers requires 4x D20 modules and 2x Air Flow modules.
  • ¹ Ballast and battery pack by others
  • ² Dimming range is dependent on lamp-ballast combination.  Contact ETC for range verification.  For more information on dimming fluorescent fixtures, see this ETC page.
ApplicationStage or Architectural
Box L x W x H6.25" x 12" x 2"
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