Sensor ThruPower Module

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High reliability dimming now combines with remote activated mechanical relays and ThruPower bypass to create the foundation of a completely flexible power system design for your future lighting needs.  Sensor3 all-in-one ThruPower modules allows free mixing of dimming, switching, or manual bypass on a circuit by circuit basis without replacing the hardware in your Sensor power system.

A local override completely bypasses the control system to guarantee that the unsuspecting board operator does not dim your intelligent lighting source.  In bypass mode, the integral relay will eliminate the choke and SSR power cube thereby providing clean power to critical power supplies and lighting devices.  The ThruPower module supports circuit-specific setup and load feedback that can be accessed remotely with any ACN control system.

  • Dual 20A Dimmers with remotely activated relays
  • 350μS or 500μS risetime¹
  • Manual ThruPower override provides foolproof full AC voltage through from the breaker to the fixture
  • Typically used when load type is not yet known, or production environments where load types frequently change
  • Works great with most:
    • Incandescent lighting (0-100%)
    • Low voltage lighting (0-100%)
    • Quartz lighting
    • Neon lighting²
    • Cold Cathode lighting
    • 2-wire Fluorescent ballast³
  • Advanced Features:
    • Load dropped below recorded value
    • Load increased over recorded value
    • DC on dimmer output
    • SCR failed on/off
    • Circuit breaker tripped
    • Dimmer module removed
    • Dimmer load absent
  • Withstand hot-patching of cold loads up to full rating
  • 100,000A Short Circuit Current Rating
  • UL and cUL Listed for continuous duty at 100% of rated load
  • Only for compatible Sensor Racks, see datasheet for details.  Not for Unison Racks.
  • All available spaces in a rack must be filled to ensure proper cooling.  Use Air Flow modules to complete a rack when fewer than the maximum number of circuits are required.  For example, a 6-module rack powering 8x 20A dimmers requires 4x D20 modules and 2x Air Flow modules.
  • ¹ Risetime measured at full load, at worst case 90° firing angle, and from 10-90% of output wave form
  • ² Sizing of Neon transformer used in dimming applications should be 1.5x greater than size used in non-dimming applications
  • ³ Dimming range of 2-wire fluorescent ballast is dependent on lamp ballast combination.  Contact ETC for range verification
ApplicationStage or Architectural
Box L x W x H6.25" x 12" x 2"
  • 342.98
  • D, 08-2012
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
  • 360.40
  • 01-2009
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
  • 72.82
  • 02-2012
  • Apr. 6th, 2018
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